Yoga & Fitness
Yoga & Fitness

Boost your health, reach your fitness targets and have fun with our multiple fitness programs. Our passionate and experienced fitness coaches and instructors will help you to earn your body!

Functional Training

  • Total fitness: A functional workout program, which uses your own body weight. It will help you enhance your stamina and physical wellbeing, strengthen your muscle and bone structure and increase your metabolism.
  • TRX Suspension Training: Using suspension training for each individual and utilizing the force of gravity and your own body weight, you can develop your strength, balance, flexibility and core stability.
  • Fit Bands: A program designed to challenge your core muscles and, at the same time, train your whole body. Using resistance elastic bands, this program aims to increase your flexibility, your range of movement and strengthen your muscles.
  • Tabata: This High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) uses a cycle of 4-minute aerobic exercises, aiming to increase your stamina and speed. Your metabolism is boosted and you will burn calories faster and for long after this class is over.
  • TRX – Resistant Band: A program which boosts flexibility through the use of elastic resistance bands, but also your body weight and gravity through the use of suspension trainers. Combines functional workout for strengthening the whole body, enabling faster calorie consumption and challenging all muscle groups.
  • Body Weight Workout: Combining multifunctional floor exercises and using your body weight, this class will strengthen all your body muscles. Reach your fitness targets faster through strengthening your whole body, burning more calories and facilitate your movement in everyday life.
  • Strong Body – Strong Mind: A short but very intensive training program (30 minutes), with interchangeable exercises using your body weight. This program helps boost your metabolism enabling you to burn calories faster.
Yoga & Fitness

Prenatal/ Pregnancy Training

  • Custom-made program to help reduce backaches, constipation, bloating and swelling, while increasing your energy levels, improving muscle strength, endurance and posture and boosting your mood. This program is offered as a personal or semi-personal (2-4 people) training program, providing personal attention and assistance by our experienced trainers.
Yoga & Fitness
Yoga & Fitness
Yoga & Fitness

Pilates and Yoga

  • Pilates focuses on core strength, while training the body as an integrated whole. Increase your flexibility, develop core strength, improve your posture, deal with back pain and enhance your energy levels, while improving your body/mind connection.
  • Yoga: Find your inner balance, boost your wellbeing, reduce stress, increase flexibility and overall core strength with yoga and meditation. All levels available.

Fitness Packages:


Personal Training (1 person): package of 12 sessions: €360
Semi-Personal (2-4 people): package of 12 sessions: €240
per person
Our small classes of maximum 8 persons ensure that you will receive personal attention from our trainers!
Monthly Subscription for once a week: €50
Monthly Subscription for twice a week:  €90
Monthly Subscription for 3 times a week: €120


Meet our Fitness coaches & instructors

Our clean and spacious men’s and women’s changing rooms, complete with lockers and showers, are available before and after your training session.