Spa & Body Treatments
Spa & Body Treatments

Far Away Baths & Hammam

The bath offers a pleasant escape,using bath salts rich in beneficial minerals, it transforms into divine delight. Natural ingredients are used in the baths in order to immerse the body and spirit into a novel experience and awaken the senses.
Far away Bath 
Using pure essential oils and minerals, leaving skin uniquely radiant, tender and soft.
One person
€20 /20mins
€35 /20mins
€50 /20mins
Detoxify your body, cleanse the skin’s pores, relax the muscles and rejuvenate yourself in the Hammam steam bath chamber.

One person
€35 /20mins
€50 /20mins


Spa & Body Treatments

Body Scrubs

Exfoliation is an ancient treatment that leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft. We prepare a custom-made exfoliation mixture instantly, just for you, depending on the season, as well as your wishes and needs.
Thalgo Indoceane Body Glow Scrub €55 / 45 mins
Spa & Body Treatments
Spa & Body Treatments
Spa & Body Treatments

Body Massage & Treatments

The massage is the art of communication within silence. Touch is the natural gift that allows the person who is getting the massage to make peace with their body, unify and harmonize the forgotten pieces of themselves. We offer custom-made treatments, allowing you to choose in respect to your wishes and mood.
Back massage
Helps to loosen the chronically tight muscles of the back, decreases pain in the lower back, reducing anxiety and depression,
helps to strengthen the spine, by improving posture. Suitable for people who are sitting at a desk all day long.
€35 / 30 mins
Anti-Stress massage
Designed for the back, shoulders, hands, neck and head, where most people hold tension, using circling movements, kneading,
thumb pressures and chopping to systematically relax the muscles and relieve tension.
€45 / 45 mins
Anti-Cellulite massage
Smoothes orange-peel skin and targets localized roundnesses using raw honey massage, by sculpting, refining and firming the body.
€45 / 30 mins
Package for 6 treatments (valid for a period of 45 days) €225
Aroma massage
100% Natural
Relax, detoxify, tone and stimulate the body with the incredibly soothing sensation of the Warm Aromatherapy Balms,
expertly blended from an exquisite elixir of natural Essential Oils, to melt away tension and ease stress for renewed energy
and velvety skin. Gestures and applications inspired by shiatsuto release tension, activate the micro-circulation and boost the body’s energy.
€55 / 60 mins
Lymphatic Drainage massage
Treats water retention by helping the body remove proteins and waste products from affected areas,
reduces swelling and strengthens the body’s immunity system.
€65 / 60 mins
Therapeutic Deep-tissue Massage
Custom-made expert treatment to target your specific needs, suitable for treating headaches, neck and spinal problems, lower back ache. Helps reduce heart rate and blood pressure, tackles stress and anxiety, and facilitates movement.
€65 / 60 mins
Hot Stone Massage
Smooth, flat, heated Basalt volcanic stones are placed on specific parts of the body, helping to relieve muscle tension, reduce stress and anxiety, promote sleep and boost the body’s immunity system.
€65 / 60 mins
€75 / 90 mins
Under the rain Signature massage
Performed under a warm and delicate water cascade that provides an indescribable sense of balance and well-being,
producing a calming effect similar to that obtained with meditation.
€115 / 60 mins

The relaxation chamber and hammam are at your disposal during every treatment. We recommend 20 minutes of hammam and relaxation before your treatment, to prepare the skin and the mind. Your daily routine is cast away while you enjoy a cup of green tea or fresh juice, before or after your treatment.

Spa & Body Treatments
Spa & Body Treatments
Spa & Body Treatments

Slimming & Anti-Cellulite Treatments

Specialized, professional body treatments, designed to help all women to correct problems relating to their figure and offering effectiveness you can feel, visible to the naked eye.
Anti-cellulite Massage
Smooths orange-peel skin and targets localized roundness, while eliminating excess fluids, using expert manual massage. Stubborn cellulite breaks down, sculpting, refining and firming the body. We recommend the treatment at least twice a week.
€45 / 30 mins
Package for 6 treatments (valid for a period of 45 days) €255
Package of 12 treatments (valid for a period of 60 days) €495
Maderotherapy Massage
Maderotherapy massage is a cellulite removing technique that involves a series of frequent movements that are repeated using different wooden elements. When applying these wooden elements onto problematic area, the lymphatic system of the body gets stimulated, thereby freeing it from accumulated toxins, fat and cellulite. Stubborn pockets of cellulite get broken into small pieces, bulges on the skin become reduced and allow the leveling of orange-peel skin. We recommend the treatment at least twice a week.
€55 / 45 mins
Package for 6 treatments (valid for a period of 45 days) €315
Package of 12 treatments (valid for a period of 60 days) €595
Express Detox Algae Wrap
A draining and slimming booster treatment, enhances microcirculation and stimulates slimming. The treatment starts off with a preparatory scrub, formulated to prepare the skin for maximum absorption, followed by a mineral paste mask, which activates with the use of an electric thermo-blanket, while finishing off with a mineral massage that leaves the skin soft and the visibly body toned.
€75 / 75 mins
Package for 3 treatments (valid for a period of 45 days) €205
Package of 6 treatments (valid for a period of 60 days) €395

* We offer customized packages, for high-performance slimming treatments that work for your specific needs and concerns. A combination series of treatments will be formulated, especially for you, following a free private consultation with our experienced therapists. Please enquire at reception for more information.

Spa & Body Treatments
Spa & Body Treatments

SPA Alchemies

The alchemies are a delightful succession of individual treatments. Enjoy a truly relaxing experience.
Rose Delight
A SPA delight to take away stress and tension. Enjoy the hammam chamber, followed by relaxation in the Jacuzzi. Your treatment is complete with a back massage, to release tension. You can enjoy your tea in our relaxation chamber, to complete the experience.
 €55 / 90 mins
Pearl Delight
Take a journey through this unique SPA experience, starting with relaxation in the hammam chamber and followed by a deeply relaxing and soothing Hot Stone Massage.
€75 / 100 mins
Emerald Delight
Face and Body treatment. Start your treatment with 20 minutes relaxation in the hammam chamber. Enjoy a full body scrub,
followed by a full body relaxing massage with essential oils, combined with a facial peeling and mask, to restore and moisturize the skin.
€120 / 120 mins
Indoceane Ritual
Dream of serenity on a journey to the Far East to harmonize the body and calm the mind. Using the divine properties of the Lotus flower and the Marine Qi, a seaweed known for its anti-stress effects, this ritual starts off with relaxation in the hammam, followed by a precious mineral bath with effervescent sugars that soften the skin and invite you to relax. The next step is a scented scrub combining sea salt, brown sugar and nourishing botanical oils, leaving skin velvety. A full body massage, using essential oils, completes the ritual for perfect peace and tranquility.
€120 / 120 mins
Hens Day Delight (minimum 3 persons)
Enjoy the ultimate hens day delight, for a unique bonding experience, before the big day! As a group, you will relax and enjoy the hammam chamber, followed by the far away baths, to awaken the senses. Individual anti-stress massage will follow, to melt away tension and ease the stress of the big day, combined with a facial treatment for the perfect glow. This delightful experience is completed with champagne and hors d’oeuvres in our relaxation chamber and finished off with a soft make up, for a memorable day to cherish.
€150 / 180 mins