Lazaros Lazarou

Clinical Nutritionist & Physiology Consultant

Lazaros Lazarou is a Clinical registered Nutritionist/Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist. He holds a BSc Degree in Clinical Nutrition and Food Science from Hunter College City University and an MSc Degree in Nutrition Education and Exercise Physiology from Columbia University, New York. In the United States, he worked as a Clinical Dietitian at Lennox Hill Hospital and Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. He served as Nutrition Consultant at the School of American Ballet and at the Woman Infant Consultation and Supplemental Food Programs. He also worked as a nutrition educator for the American Cancer Society in the ‘Changing the Course’ campaign. Moreover, he worked as a Clinical Trials Coordinator at St Luke’s Roosevelt University Hospital, New York, in Randomized Phase Four Multi-centered Double Blinded Placebo Controlled Studies.
Upon his return to Cyprus, he established his own private practice office and concomitantly he worked as a professor teaching Nutrition in public high schools, as well as in Suzini and KES private colleges. He is a registered Clinical Nutritionist and member of the Dietitians Associations in Cyprus and in the USA. He is also a ‘UCiLEVEL ii’ certified cycling coach and founder and coach of the Olympiada Neapoleos Cycling Academy. Through his private practice and his other experience, from 1993 until today, he met, assessed and prescribed individualized nutrition and exercise programs through which he supported thousands of people of all ages and ethnicities, to reach their optimum fitness, performance, nutrition and well-being goals. Currently Lazaros is happily married and lives in Nicosia with his wife and 7 children.

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